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Who are the members RBoS Action Group?

The Action Group consists of shareholders who subscribed for shares in the RBoS Rights Issue which was open between 30 April 2008 and 6 June 2008. The Group has been formed to take legal action against the bank and its directors at the time for providing misleading information which we believe created a false market for RBoS shares during this crucial period. We count both private and institutional shareholders among our members.

What is our case?

We believe the behaviour of the bank in the run-up to, and during the Rights Issue in 2008 was misleading. This makes them liable for any losses incurred, under section 90 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. More details about the case.

Who are we litigating against?

Currently we are making a case against RBoS, Fred Goodwin, Sir Tom McKillop, Johnny Cameron and Guy Whitaker.

My shares were held in a nominee account, does this matter?

No, your claim would not be prejudiced.

How can I be assured that we will receive information on the group's activities?

The Action Group tries to maintain the best possible lines of communication with members and will always try to respond as quickly as possible. This is why our details are available on the contact page of the website. We also have a regular newsletter and are bound by law as a limited company to file accounts with Companies House and to hold a general meeting to approve accounts, re-elect directors and host an open forum for member questions.