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The trial will take place in Court 15 of the Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL (See MAP Here).

As seating is relatively limited it would be helpful if Members could let the Action Group know if they are planning to attend, and if so on which days. Obviously, anyone attending must abide by the usual rules about no photography or media or disturbances in the Court room and the Court building generally.

Trial Timetable - Key Dates
Judicial Reading Commences
6th May 2017
Oral opening submissions
22nd May 2017
Factual evidence commences starting with the Individual Director Defendants
7th June 2017
Sir Tom McKillop
7th June 2017
Fred Goodwin
8th June 2017
Guy Whittaker
13th June 2017
Other factual witnesses
19th June 2017
Johnny Cameron
30th June 2017
Oral expert evidence testimony commences
18th July 2017
Close of oral evidence
28th July 2017
Wrotten closing submissions to be submitted
29th September 2017
Oral closing submissions
16th October 2017